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Hey Girl!  Thanks for stopping by!  I began Posh Appeal 5 years ago and with the help of my daughter, we are ONLINE ONLY in 2020!  We love Fashion and all the Styles and Trends that come with it!  Keep us in your Favorites so you too can keep up with the Latest Looks! 

So great to see you!

We are thrilled to have you stop by and take a peak on what Posh Appeal Boutique is all about!  We absolutely LOVE shopping Markets for the latest Styles and Trends!  Then bringing them to you all to choose from which look(s) you'd love to have!  Please take a moment to check out the latest styles we have available!  

Shop With Us!

I will have to admit I love making people smile, especially my closest girls!  And putting them in cute, boutique tops and seeing them SMILE warms my heart!  It's a team effort when it comes to keeping up with the trends!  So we are more than happy to hear from YOU on what looks you like the most! 

We Love our Customers!

I love people and enjoy bringing a Smile to their face!  This is one of the many reasons why I began Posh Appeal.  And OK, I'll admit it, I enjoy "shopping" for these clothes, too!  ;) And I promise to do my absolute best in making your online boutique shopping the best by far!


"Posh Appeal carries a great line of stylish clothing. It’s easy to find what you are wanting. She also carries great accessories!"  

Deby Stegall

"Your personal touch with a card in each package and your e-mails are such a customer treat! It’s so fun to feel like I “know” the owner and that you’ll know my style and which pieces I may love…your personal service as the owner is rare in this day and age, but SO appreciated!!"

Denise Koffard

"I just love how you add that personal touch with a "Thank You" card in each package you ship.  Total class!  In love with your shop!"

Tiffany Burbanks