I FORGOT to Post a BLOG!!

Wow guys!  A full on week has come and gone and I TOTALLY MISSED IT!  My apologies!!  

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  Ours was great!  Began with having family over for dinner Friday ~ (I have 20 first cousins just on my mom's side, so LOTS of family!).  Saturday we watched the big game (Alabama vs. Georgia) and yah baby...Roll Tide!  Sunday was church and lunch with friends.  So yah, we had a wonderful weekend!

What else is 'wonderful' is our latest Newbies!!  (I like calling New Arrivals Newbies at times.  Kinda breaks up the monotony and makes it fun - don't ya think?)  This Sweater is by a line called "Very J".  I have no clue what the "J" stands for but it's super soft and just love this one!  The sleeves flare and stops at the ends of your finger tips.  So elegant I think!  It's cuffed, which adds detail to the look.  The tie on the left side is part of the sweater and you can tie it tight or loose, in a bow or a knot - your preference.  It's PERFECT for this FALL!  

Oh yes and the DISTRESSED JEANS!!!  We only have a handful left of the jeans, so hurry on over to our website and grab yours!  Don't forget about our PROMO CODE "Posh15" for 15% off YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE!!  Enter that in at Checkout to receive your discount!!  Plus, you'll also receive one of our nice printed face mask for FREE!  Not many of those left so make your purchase tonight!!

Thanks for checking in on our latest news!!  I appreciate you all TONS!  Have a great evening!

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