Our Fall/Winter Collection

Hello ladies!  

It's been "quick minute" since my last blog.  My apologies!  This Spring and Summer (and yes, even into the Fall season) has been one big hot mess!  #covid  Like many of you, the isolation has caused much heartache.  I've lost several close family and friends over the past couple of months and it's been a struggle.  Sometimes it's all I can do to "post" a picture or video most days.  But you've got to push through and "keep walking".  Thankful for my faith!

What are you guys thankful for?  I'm so thrilled and thankful it's now Fall!  It's my absolute FAVORITE time of year.  The weather cools down, football season begins, holidays are just around the corner...I could go on and on!  One thing I thoroughly love is wearing jeans and oversized sweaters!  Yay for #sweaterweather  Check out the sweaters we have in stock!  You'll find them under the tab "New Arrivals".  We have more coming in but let's get a start on them now because they're going quickly!  

My FAVORITE line is called POL.  Yes, those sweaters are a little more pricey (in the $60-$70 range) but SO worth it.  Their items are made with great quality fabric and the look is so unique, their items will be trending for a few years.  So they're great to have in your closet!  A definite GO-TO!  Most of the lines I order from I try to keep below $50.  Obviously these items are AWESOME but they trend for about 18 months and then out they go.  So it really depends on what YOU want.  Something "trendy and popular" OR something that will last a few years and the quality is worth the price!  Or both!  ;)

I say use our PROMO CODE "Posh15" for 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ONLINE ORDER upon checkout!  Shop our SALES and NEW ARRIVALS and let us pay your taxes and then some!!  It's a win win!!

Thanks for checking in!  And thanks, Mallory, for the encouragement on this blog!  It's people like you who keep Posh Appeal Boutique going!  You all have a fabulous weekend and I'll be back next week to check in on everyone!  Lots of LOVE to you guys!!  xoxo

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