Summer Lounging!

You've heard the phrase "be careful what you wish for!"  Well, I think we can all honestly say at one time or another we all 'wished to be home and not have to go into work!'  Guess what, be careful what you wish for!!  Lol!  

How many of you guys have been "Summer Lounging" these days?  I can definitely say I have been taking advantage of these summer lounging sets!  I mean, they're so soft, comfortable and super cute for those last minute grocery store runs!  And now that establishments most everywhere now require a face mask, makes a ton of sense to grab your favorite "lounging set" with us!  For every online order made at Posh Appeal Boutique you get a FREE PRINTED MASK.  I'm thinking this will be part of our wardrobe for many more months to come!  

Speaking of these masks, I was in such a hurry the other day I totally drove home with my mask on!  Yep, I was one of "those" mask drivers we have all laughed at!  "Wow, really?  Look at that person driving by themselves in their car with their mask on!!"  Guilty as charged!  

You guys have a fabulous weekend and check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!  Appreciate your support!!

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