Summer Lovin'

Wow, not sure about you but I'm feeling the Summer heat!  It's kinda like it just "came on" suddenly with such intense!  Not much time for the "sweet spot" of the 70's here in the deep south where I live!  But I'm OK with it!  How is it for you guys?  Here in Texas it gets pretty hot.  The humidity isn't too terrible but it does come and stick around during this time of year! 

We have the perfect look for you guys this Summer.  Most businesses are occupying now between 25%-50%, depending on which state you reside in.  We're in Phase 3, so most businesses are at 50%.  But several of my family and friends are working from home and we've got the best look for those lounging days!  Just received the cutest tie dye lounging sets!  One is short sleeves with shorts that tie at the waist.  Super adorable!  And you can run errands in these as well.  And if you're brave enough to venture out to a restaurant, grab your sandals and wha la, you've got yourself a cute OOTD!!  We also just got in a hoodie set!  Long sleeves and matching tie dye joggers!  I'm in love with this one!  While inside working in a super cooled AC home, you can lounge around in this set and stay perfectly comfortable!  Or that's what I do when my husband cranks up the cool air!  Brrrr...this set is perfect for those times!  And if you must go to grab groceries, put on your best sneakers or flats and you're golden!  Love these new arrivals!!

Lastly, and as always if you follow us on our social media outlets, we have a small handful of printed masks left.  Should you order from us you will receive one of these FREE PRINTED MASK with your order!  Take advantage!  Once these run out, I will be giving out FREE SAMPLE HAND SANITIZERS with each order.  Want to make sure my customers are safe and taken care of!  :)

Let me know your thoughts on this whole pandemic and what would help you guys out.  I've got the lounging wear, masks and sanitizers covered.  What else could we help out with?

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