Sweater Weather is Upon Us!

Guys, I'm SUPER STOKED about Fall and these Cooler Temps!  Anyone else out there as pumped as me? This Season just gets me fired up!  Although the packaging gets thicker (who caught on to that one...?), I just LOVE ME some Sweater Weather!  And we have several in Stock!!

One of my FAVORITE LINES (and I know most of you guys have heard me say this before) is a line by the name of POL.  Oh My Gosh, absolutely LOVE this line.  You should see their hangers at Market!  Like, hello...can I also buy the hangers?  They are fluffy, have padding and are covered with these white lacey silky fabrics!  And wow...was I just talking about 'hangers?'  Lol!  To me, details like that just mean there's also something even more alluring coming up.  And with that line, yes there is!

POL is slightly more than your average, typical Trendy look.  But you know the saying, "you get what you pay for!"  Now I'm not in by NO means slamming any other 'trendy' lines because I do love them all and sell several!  I'm just focusing this Blog on POL because their items are truly AMAZING!  I usually stick to just purchasing more Tops overall than anything else, so we will focus the attention on their tops in this Blog.

First off, their pictures are all so inviting.  They take their time in finding the right model for their pictures as well as having them pose in the perfect places.  Some models will even sport hats or purses or both!  Details, people!  Super important!  The quality of their items are superb.  Most are made of Chenille or a Chenille mix, giving them that super soft, silky feel to the touch!  They put a little bit more effort in the design of each item, giving it that unique look and setting them apart from the Typical Trends.  Therefore, I have added POL into the mix of boutique items I sell because they are so Unique!  And because of the added details and time put into their items, their items stay trendy and in excellent condition for several years.  Probably extending the life of them more than the Typical Trends.  Just food for thought!

So yes, we do have tons of Sweaters for this Sweater Weather Season! The one featured is also by POL.  BUT please do not dismiss the POL items because of their cost.  You will not be disappointed!  ;)  


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