To Wear a Mask or not to Wear a Mask!

Are you a Mask User or are you a Non Mask User? That's the question of the year, huh? Wow, who knew most of the country would be wearing Masks while shopping May of 2020? Now, I've seen those rebels in grocery stores and other 'essential' establishments not wearing masks. What are your thoughts on that? I've heard, as I'm sure you have to, 'Masks do not help contain the spread of the Corona!' Then you're told, "Masks are required and vital to the country so make sure to have one!" So which is it? Do we wear a mask or do we not? Of course, some masks (medical/surgical ones) contain a filter that does help 'filter' out the good/bad air. But most do not. So, is your typical "handmade" mask OK to wear out in public or is it not? Is wearing one good enough? I mean, honestly, do we really know the answer 100% to these questions? My opinion is this...I do feel any sort of "mask" is good to have on during this pandemic. Whether you're sick or not. You're not only abiding by the rules, but I think it makes us each feel good inside about "helping out the community in which we live in" and feeling prideful about it. I don't necessarily think it's containing the virus completely (if you have it) nor do I think it's 100% guaranteed if you wear a mask in public, it will keep you from getting the virus if you're near someone who does have it. I do think it helps some. So, if it helps "some", then why not jump on the Mask bandwagon. I think wearing one makes a more positive statement about a person than not. But that's just my opinion. So with that said, I ordered a few printed masks for customers making online purchases from Posh Appeal Boutique. They're all so cute. Some are leopard, some are snakeskin and they come in various colors. So hey, why not buy a cute outfit and get a FREE MASK? Lol! I'm down! Anyone else?

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