Which side do you prefer?

Guys!!  Wow, this weather!!  Ok, so I'm down here in the deep south of the USA - Texas, y'all - born and raised!  And let me just tell ya, the weather here is unpredictable!  I've witnessed the ice cream truck in our neighborhood in January, and snow in June!  No joke!  It's in the 50's today - and I promise you, all my Texas frands are lovin' it!  (Yee Haw!).

I am loving this sweater and everything about it.  It's by my favorite line POL.  It's got some Chenille mix in it, so soft...oh my gosh!  It's slightly cropped and a little boxy.  Give that mid section a tuck and it's amazing on!!  The sleeves are flared and come to the finger tips.  It's a stunning piece and looks INCREDIBLE with high waisted jeans!  And just the UNEVEN COLOR BLOCKING!!  Just like Texas weather guys!  ;)  Give that sweater a turn and you've got yourself a New Look!

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Happy Friday everyone and thanks for checking in on our latest Blog.  We hope you all have a Fabulous weekend and we will see you guys next week!  xoxo

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