We have missed you!

Hope you all are having a great Summer! Well, as best as we can make it great with the Covid circumstance, right! But hey, let's switch gears and talk about the Upcoming Season and what's going on here at Posh Appeal Boutique!

We have switched website host for our Posh Appeal Boutique business and are now a part of the "" family. This company was just a better fit for us in what we are wanting to do for our customers and how we run our business. Thank you for your patience with us this Summer!

Our Ambassadors, Sophia M. and Joanne H. will be heading off to college next month and we're going to miss them tremendously! But we do have replacements for them and will be announcing them soon! Stay tuned!

Also, we have been working with various Influencers over the past several months and decided to select 3 we feel are the best fit in an Influencer program we have been working hard on this Summer. These Influencers will be modeling our fashion styles this Fall on Instagram, so be sure to follow us to see what's trending! There will also be discounts associated with their posts and ours so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter to get your discounts! Pictured below are the 3 ladies we have selected and are super stoked about each one! They are listed in order, from top to bottom:

Amber Miller, Laura Graham and Tiffany Regalado. These ladies have worked super hard to get to where they are as Influencers. Great Professional work ethic! You can follow them on their Instagram accounts by simply clicking anywhere on their pictures below.

Amber Miller - Influencer
Laura Elizabeth Graham - Influencer
Tiffany Regalado

FREE MASK for every Online Order!

We LOVE spoiling you guys and ordered several printed face masks for each of you who places an order with us! And they're FREE! For EVERY ONLINE ORDER made, you will receive a free printed mask! There are a variety of different prints and all are adorable. By the look of things to come, we will be wearing them for a while! So grab your cutest look(s) and get a FREE MASK with your order!

As Always...

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~ FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.00!

~ Take a Selfie in any of our Posh Products, tag us and get 10% off your next online order!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook (POSH Appeal), Twitter (Posh Appeal Boutique) and Instagram (Poshappealboutique). There are always Promotions going on - and you don't want to miss out!

We like to have fun here at Posh Appeal Boutique! I consider you guys "Family" and am happy to help you ladies feel beautiful inside and out! Thanks for for supporting us these past few crazy months! We truly appreciate it and we hope you all stay safe and healthy! Have a fabulous week!

Always a Posh Party!!

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